Launch Summit

Is the Launch Summit for you?

Are you an owner or manager in the bridal world?

Would you like more margin in your boutique and life?

Do you want to be able to find and keep rock star stylists?

Do want to grow your business this year?

Are you wondering how to coach your team individually and collectively?

Is it possible to enforce policies without your team hating you?

Get your dream out of your “SOMEDAY” file

– and come get the tools to LAUNCH!

What did you do to Olivia? She came home and is on FIRE!! I think you sprinkled magic Wendy dust on her. She was already a rockstar but needed a boost and reset! You lit the fire inside her again!

Ashley Krauss

Owner, A Little Something White

The Do You Speak Bride team is fantastic. We have grown every year since starting the DYSB training. We jump on every opportunity we can to continue with their training, seminars, and material!

Jessica Limeberry

Owner, Sophia's Bridal & XO Prom

Launch Summit!

3-Day Conference

Launch is an intense 3-day conference bringing together some of the most amazing owners, consultants, speakers and vendors in the industry. Focus on LEADERSHIP, PROFIT, and MARKETING in large group settings, breakout sessions, and one-on-one meetings with the experts! Also get a front-row seat for new products, concepts, and never-seen-before ideas within the bridal, prom and formal wear boutique industry.

For Owners, Consultants, Speakers, and Vendors

Join over 100 boutiques from across the US, Canada, and Europe at this annual event in Atlanta, GA! This is for Bridal boutique owners, and managers or stylists who carry responsibility and will help gather useful information to take home and apply.


Book before July 5, 2019 for AmericasMart travel incentives, if you stay 3 nights you get one credited back to you!

Have questions? See or FAQ or Reach out to us!

Five Small Group Breakout Tracks!

The Couture Store

It’s the dream of many, owning a couture bridal store.  Learn how to start/build a couture bridal business successfully.

The New Store

Building a bridal business takes a multi-faceted approach. We’ll look at all the avenues to bring brides into your stores AND where to look when you’re down in business.

Multi-Location Store / High Volume

Learn how to navigate from being THE leader, to inspiring a team of leaders who embrace your vision and create a culture of success.

1-5 Dressing Rooms Store

Dig deep into how to calculate operational cost per bride versus acquisition cost per bride – then learn how to use that information to improve your store’s profitability.

Prom Stores

Ever ask yourself why it seems harder to engage prom customers now more than ever? Learn how being raised in a fully digital age impacts their communication and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who is this for?

Bridal boutique owners, and managers or stylists who carry responsibility and will help gather useful information to take home and apply. Whether you’re:

– Up 20% this year and doing great!
– Struggling and not sure how to plug the leaks
– Considering buying a store, closing a store, expanding, or niching down
– Seeing tons of brides, but not closing
– Closing at amazing rates, but not getting enough appointments through the doors
– Wanting to figure out how to delegate to a staff that loves their jobs and does them well, so you can finally work on the business

You need to make the space and time to step back, focus on growing, and launch your business forward

What is happening each day?

Sunday is all the action packed general sections and one break out session, plus an amazing fashion show!

Monday is most of the break sessions and some general sessions. with 1-on-1 times mixed in.

Tuesday will have one break out session and some general sessions, plus some final panels and a big hoorah at the end, including some industry awards.

And we’ll have a mixture of food and drinks each day to keep your energy up as we dive in and get the deep work done!

When does the travel incentive end?

July 4th!! Seriously, don’t wait on this. It’s a huge perk. Use this link to book your hotel stay. When you purchase your ticket to Launch, America’s Mart will credit you one night of your hotel stay, as long as you stay 3 nights.

Make sure that you select the correct market – which is World of Prom – August 5th – 10th. (You can make reservations to arrive into Atlanta August 3rd, so that you can attend Launch August 4th – 6th)

What is the last day to buy tickets?

July 25th is the absolute last call. But we recommend grabbing them sooner so that you can take advantage of the travel incentive perks that end tomorrow!!

Can I move around between tracks?

Yes!! We want you to find the sessions that you know will propel you and your business forward. Plug in wherever you feel is right.

Or hop out for a 1-on-1 session like SEO, PPC paid media, social media, financials, inventory questions, branding, marketing, and more with the DYSB partners.

What about those 1-on-1 sessions? How do I get one?

You’ll get an email with sign up will be sent out two weeks asking you about topics you would want to talk to someone about, then about 48 hours before you’ll pick a time to sign up for when you’re there and have set up your schedule.

Can we come and go or do we have to stay the whole time?

Yes, you can come and go, but we really don’t think you’ll want to leave! The ticket cost covers all the information and amazing unlimited access to the whole summit and its perks and events, so it stays the same regardless of what sessions you end up deciding to attend.

When can I buy the collections presented during Launch?

We’re really excited about all the designs and new lines headed your way during the conference! You’ll be able to see product and work out your order in a low-stress setting throughout the event. Once you’ve asked all your questions and feel awesome about what you pick, you’ll be able to submit your orders when the designers are ready. Most will be taking your final orders during Market.

What topics are going to covered?

Buying well, increasing closing rates, marketing, managing your team, SEO, hiring, firing, loving your work, serving your brides, and so much more. We’re especially excited about the five new tracks designed just for where you and your business are at the moment:

Track 1 : Couture 
Track 2 : Volume/Multi-Unit
Track 3 : Prom 
Track 4 : New Store 
Track 5 : Social Media/Digital Marketing/Mid-size Boutiques

You may want to catch more than one track!! If that’s you, make sure to grab a couple of extra tickets and bring some team members who can absorb and apply well!