Schaumburg, IL Owner and Manager Summit


One Day Conference - sponsored by Casablanca Bridal
Don’t miss this incredible, jam-packed Seminar, taught by DYSB Coaches, Meredith Bullock and Mindi Linscombe!

8:30am – Check-In

9:00am – Coach Introductions, specializations shared

9:45am – Become a Master of Change

Was this year tough, and overwhelming at times due to the exorbitant amount of change? Get some tips and encouragement from Mindi on how to face the continuous changes in our roles as owner/managers during this time!

10:00am – How to Hire & Fire Well

Do you struggle with finding the right team members or finding out after you hire them, that they aren’t the right fit? Relax in knowing how to get the right people for your team, create a system that filters through to find the right candidate for your store! And when one doesn’t work out, we can show you a healthy way to transition them too!

11:00am – How to Do On-going Coaching With Your Stylists

Is it challenging to identify the area each of your stylists need to work on regarding their performance in your store? Work through step by step, one-on-one meetings with your stylists so that they feel connected to the mission of your store and stay on track to meet goals!

12:00pm – Q&A Panel with Coaches During Lunch

1:00pm – How to Assess Skill Sets & Keep People Accountable

Do you have skill sets on your team that you aren’t utilizing? Or a hard time keeping people accountable for their duties? Learn how to spot leaders, assign tasks and roles to team members, and then keep them accountable for their responsibilities!

2:00pm – How to Create and Perform Annual Reviews

Have you implemented a regular performance review time for your team members? Let’s tackle the uncomfortable topic of measuring results, and motivating your team to continuously move towards purpose in their careers and your company!

3:00pm – How to Manage the Load

Are their times when you feel like you don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed with the tasks at hand can stifle your productivity. We want to give you guidance on how to get through a large “to-do list” while not feeling like you’re lost in it all!

3:45pm – What’s Next?

*subject to change

For Owners and Managers
The conference will begin at 9:30am. We will break for a catered lunch around 12:00 and then continue with several other sessions. As always, come prepared to learn, laugh and get energized for the upcoming busy season.
August 26, 2021
9:30am to 5:30pm

Lunch is provided

Schaumburg, IL
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention
Center Hotel
1551 N. Thoreau Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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