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Wendy Rivera is a Nationally Recognized Expert in the Bridal Industry, and has exploded onto the scene with Do You Speak Bride! Wendy is a powerful communicator both on stage and off, and has a passion for helping shoppes learn the very nuanced language of “Bride”.

The Do You Speak Bride team is fantastic. We have grown every year since starting the DYSB training. We jump on every opportunity we can to continue with their training, seminars, and material!

Jessica Limeberry

Owner, Sophia's Bridal & XO Prom

What did you do to Olivia? She came home and is on FIRE!! I think you sprinkled magic Wendy dust on her. She was already a rockstar but needed a boost and reset! You lit the fire inside her again!

Ashley Krauss

Owner, A Little Something White

Our 4 Pillars of Bride Country Philosophy that Informs Every Speech:


Every bride wants to celebrate. Some brides celebrate in different ways and to different degrees than others, but all want to celebrate in their own way.


With all the pressure of planning the happiest day of their lives, brides can easily feel insecure about the choices that are facing them.


There is a difference between giving comfort when something goes wrong and bringing assurance that everything is going to turn out right.

A Story

There is a reason fairytales have endured as long as they have. We all love a good story, and even more, as brides, we want to be a part of one.


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Some of our Speaking Topics:

Best Kept Secrets to Marketing

The Sure-Fire Ways to Beat both the Internet and Big Box Stores

The 7 Keys to Monetizing a Fashion Show

And Much, Much More!