Do You Speak Bride

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Our Story

DYSB began with a simple yet profound observation – that because brides have a unique perspective driven by once-in-a-lifetime priorities, they have their own way of communicating, what we call the Language of Bride. If brides have their own language, then what is the best way to communicate effectively with them? Should wedding professionals attempt to teach brides how to speak the language of business, or should wedding pros learn how to speak Bride?

If businesses in the wedding industry truly want to facilitate the life-moments of the brides they serve, it will have to be them, the wedding pros, that take a step toward their brides by learning their language.

In 2015, DYSB completed its first 2-Day Intensive at a bridal shop and began unpacking this truth about the language of Bride for bridal shops across the U.S., U.K., and Ireland. We have developed both online and live training for retailers, spoken at bridal markets and events all over the world, and while DYSB has since retired the stand-alone 2-Day Intensive in favor of longer consulting relationships with its clients, the first question we ask is still the same, “Do you speak Bride?”

Mission Statement

In an industry that exists because people believe in the concept of loving relationships that will last for a lifetime, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of quality relationships at every level that will support the wedding experiences of the brides our industry serves.

What We Believe

The bridal industry is driven by a transcendent purpose – love that brings two people together for the rest of their lives.

A vibrant, successful bridal industry will prioritize the success of the relationships between: designers and retailers, retailers and brides, brides and their fiancés and families.

This purpose and its once-in-a-lifetime quality magnifies the impact of every relational connection of the industry, because someone’s “best day of their life” may rest on the success of a partnership that the customer never sees.

Relational training on every level and expert business advice supports the success of the bridal industry by promoting smart, healthy partnerships that will serve brides and their families in ways that ensure the continued patronage of each new season of brides.

Meet the DYSB Coaching Team!



Wendy’s DYSB Signature Video Series is the first of it’s kind — focusing on the deeper truths and principles of how to understand the perspectives of people, so as to be best-prepared to answer objections, lead the appointment, and close the sale with confidence and comfort at the same time. A student of people, Wendy is a keen observer of why they do what they do — and she loves to share every insight with bridal shoppes as they seek to create a true experience for brides that will become a forever memory!


Wendy is a writer, director, coach, speaker, counselor, mom and bridal shoppe owner, and she is passionate about helping bridal boutiques all over the world to increase every part of their business — and become THE destination in Bride Country!!

Wendy Rivera is the Winner of the 2019 Modern Luxury Industry Achievement Award, an internationally recognized bridal expert, and a bridal industry education consultant for such exceptional bridal brands as Justin Alexander, Allure Bridal, Casablanca Bridal and Jovani.

Her other credits include —

Featured speaker:
– London Bridal Week
– The White Gallery
– VOW Bridal Market Atlanta
– The Wedding MBA Las Vegas
– The Knot Couture Show, Las Vegas
…and many more

Featured in multiple media outlets & publications:
– The Knot
– Modern Luxury Magazine
– Ocean Media London
– Contributor Fox 5 DC
– VOWS magazine
– Virginia Bride
– North Carolina Bridal Magazine
– Weddings and Events Magazine

Contributions to the Bridal Industry:
– Started LAUNCH Bridal Business Educational Summit
– Created DYSB Stylist & Manager Summits
– Produced the DYSB Signature Video Series
– Conducted In-store Intensives for 100+ stores worldwide
– Opened Ava Laurénne Bride in 2012, and has proven her methods very strongly in every area of the business.
– Introduced her Princess Treatment, which received recognition world-wide when it was featured on TLC.



Gabe started Ava Laurénne Bride with his wife, Wendy, in 2012.  Together they also began Do You Speak Bride in 2015.  Gabe is a powerful presenter at conferences, especially regarding the relationship between a company’s beliefs and its brand.  His ability to verbally sketch truths using analogy and story is both unique and entertaining. Since 2013, he has performed in Acts the 3 Man Show, a professional stage adaptation of the book of Acts. More recently, he and Wendy began a podcast called, “Love & Freedom” where they discuss the contrasts between love and manipulation, leading and controlling, and so much more.


Stylist Coach 

With an innate desire to help women identify their beauty you could say Bridal is “my jam!”

As Nashville Native, my bridal career began in New York City at Kleinfeld’s, After ten years in the industry, I have been an intern, bridal stylist, manager and now owner of The Bride Room. As a Do You Speak Bride coach, I believe that with our tools you have the ability to make an impact, generate profit and leave a legacy.