one-on-one COACHING

Do you have specific pain points in your business you want guidance on?  Do you need a personalized plan to take your business to the next level?  Do you want one-on-one help to grow your business, train your managers, and equip your stylists?  Then 0ne-on-one coaching is a perfect fit for you!

OH MY GOODNESS! This is the training I have been needing! I started with my first Do You Speak Bride Stylist Summit in Chicago in December 2017 & immediately saw results in my conversion rates & the connections with my brides got even stronger! As I have been growing with my store, I have also been growing with Do You Speak Bride! I am so excited to have the opportunity to further my education & learn more about how to be a manager! I am so excited to be a part of the Do You Speak Bride Community! 

Second Summer Bride Sacramento

Just watched your webinar about the bride who wants to continue to shop.  I just wanted to tell you it was amazing!  Thank you so much!  I use a lot of what you said but in no real order and seemingly with no substantial purpose or flow and you just seamlessly put it all together!  Thanks again!  I might have to rewatch it 100x to practice.

Thank you for not letting fear keep you from creating a community for stylists and owners to come and learn and be celebrated. I start feeling tired and then I go on  Do You Speak Bride and I watch a video and it gives new things work on and new ways to take care of brides and their families better. I sell to pretty much every bride now. No one is ever upset because I know how to talk to people now. This is probably the best year of my career so far. Brides text me and write me cards and send presents. I have 4 or 5 second and third generation brides. And brides tell other brides please go to Bella because you will be safe there. So thank you Wendy Rivera and your family and your team!


One-On-One Coaching

Business Growth Strategy

Looking to grow?  Create a plan, have accountability, and walk alongside a coach who has helped grow several businesses before!

Employee Training

Need your stylists to close more sales?  Looking for a guide to help train both new and seasoned employees?  We can help you do that!

Know your Numbers

Let us help you dissect your numbers – talk margins, profit, expenses, inventory, and more.  Once you know these numbers, you can get control in your business!

Marketing Plans

Love selling dresses but not sure about how to make an effective marketing plan?  We can walk you through the process or help you run your campaigns.  We all know that increasing traffic is #1!

One Year Individual Coaching

Typically, every business has a blind spot or two, or if not a blind spot, then an area of the business that is not being viewed in as much detail as it could be. When an owner is working to start or grow a business, close proximity to the work can obstruct or dim the view of some important element which then goes unnoticed. One of our specialities is locating these blind spots and bringing them to the attention of the business owner, and many times the changes associated with these blind spots dramatically improve the business.

Are you looking for a long-term partner to have eyes on your business and give you a year of transformation? This is the service that our partners rave about.

Exact contracts can vary so please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you about scheduling.

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Additional Details on the One Year Individual Coaching

What does the One Year Individual Coaching process look like?

Our team of consultants will work together to customize a consultation plan that encompasses the strategic goals of your business. We begin with a discovery call to listen to the general picture of the business and assess needs. Once we have evaluated the areas where we believe we can help a potential client, we put together a specific proposal outlining how we can bring value to the facets of the business that need attention.

Who is this for?

Bridal retailers, designers, wedding venues, and other wedding-related businesses.

What does the contract length look like?

This is a 12-month commitment with weekly or bi-weekly consultation calls.