Do you have specific pain points in your business you want guidance on?  Do you need a personalized plan to take your business to the next level?  Do you want one-on-one help to grow your business, train your managers, and equip your stylists?  Then 0ne-on-one coaching is a perfect fit for you!

I've always struggled to feel confident pursuing any sort of mathematical analysis, so I seldom sought out ways to better understand my store's inventory. With the help of the DYSB Management Development course, I felt empowered to take on the analysis of our sales because Mindi and Meredith made their methods so approachable.

Twirl Bridal, A Little Something White

I really appreciate the time you are putting into this course. I love getting to hear input from you guys and other stores as well. It has definitely boosted my confidence in my role as manager. 

JoAnn's Bridal, Gracyn Elizabeth Bride

I have got to say that I look forward to this hour a week to better myself for myself, for my team and for this company. It pumps me up and helps me pump my team up as well for success... You ladies have definitely opened my eyes to the full facets of a bridal business and how to run a successful one and how to build a strong successful team.


Owner, Castle Couture



Classes start the week of September 17 and finish the week of December 10

Owners and Managers are encouraged to register for the course


Registration for our next semester of our yearly sold out Manager Development Course is now open. Email kristen@doyouspeakbride.com if you have any questions!

Small Group Coaching

Open Communication

Small group coaching provides a unique opportunity to open up communication with a coach and other boutiques.

Like Minded Boutiques

Partner up with similar boutiques to find community and get group coaching that complements your boutique.

Specialized Coaching

Join a 12 week course tackling a specific topic like Manager training, Digital marketing, and more.

Business Growth Strategy

Looking to grow?  Create a plan, have accountability, and walk alongside a coach and other boutiques who can grow together!

One Year Group Coaching

This service is all about getting coaching in a small group setting. Join a group of similar bridal boutique owners as you learn how to navigate the Do You Speak Bride principles and launch your business to the next level. 

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Specific Topic Group Coaching

Do You Speak Bride has 12-week coaching groups to deep dive into a specific topic.  Join like-minded boutiques as they learn the ins and outs of Management, Digital Marketing, and more! 

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Additional Details on the Small Group Coaching Options

What does the long term Small Group Coaching process look like?

Our team of coaches will work with you to place you within a group that encompasses the strategic goals of your business. We begin with a discovery call to listen to the general picture of the business and assess needs. Once we have evaluated the areas where we believe we can help a potential client, we connect you with a coach and a group of stores with similar goals.  These calls can happen 1-2x a month depending on the group.

What does the Specific Topic Group Coaching look like?

Do You Speak Bride coaches create and facilitate a 12 week course in small group environment.  These groups have 5-7 attendees per group, and are specialized and available for any of your team members!  

Who is this for?

Bridal retailers, wedding venues, and other wedding-related businesses.