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The Do You Speak Bride team is fantastic. We have grown every year since starting the DYSB training. We jump on every opportunity we can to continue with their training, seminars, and material!

Jessica Limeberry

Owner, Sophia's Bridal & XO Prom

Utilizing the DYSB training videos helped our sales team move the needle above a 60% closing ratio storewide while embracing the vision and philosophy of our business culture and goals.  As a bridal business coach, I recommend the DYSB program to all bridal store owners!

Lynn Crandall

President, The Bridal Collection


What is the Biggest Benefit?

Answer: Keeping your stylists sharp. We all experience fatigue or loss of motivation, and our stylists are no exception. While the Signature Video Training gives your stylists a base of knowledge from which to operate, there will still be moments when timely inspiration is exactly what is needed to pick up your team’s spirit and get them in the right mindset to speak Bride to the next girl who walks in the door. Help maintain your team’s effectiveness by giving them an interactive resource to help them with questions, while you save yourself time and energy by not always being the one to infuse your staff with the inspiration necessary to meet the next challenge.

How is this Different From the Signature Course?

Answer: The Stylist Masterclass is designed specifically for stylists who have been through the Signature Video Training and are already trying to speak bride. Once stylists have begun using what they have learned in the Signature Video Training, they need help applying what they have learned to particular situations that arise. The Stylist Masterclass is a forum for them to be able to ask those questions and have them answered. The class has a live session every other Saturday (normally posted the night before for owners/managers to preview), so you can pump up and inspire your stylists as they go into a busy selling Saturday.

Masterclass Stylist Course

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The Do You Speak Bride Stylist Course is a virtual way for our professionals to visit your boutique and regularly train your stylists to speak Bride like they never have before. Two Saturdays per month we will provide Saturday morning inspirations for your team! Stylists will also be able to ask Wendy and our staff questions on the Stylist Masterclass Facebook page.

$99 per month

(Prerequisite – Signature Course Membership)

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Masterclass Stylist Course Introduction Video

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